Wolf Creek Security Agency is an Oklahoma based security company located in Talala, Oklahoma. Wolf Creek Security Agency specializes in providing armed and unarmed Security Guard Services, Event Security, and Site Security to meet the everyday needs for Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Wolf Creek Security Agency also provides professional services in the form of Personal Protection, Executive Protection, Private Investigation and Asset Protection.

Wolf Creeks Security Agency Guards and Agents are highly trained and qualified professional individuals. Wolf Creek Security Agency Guards and Agents do not fit in any way the stereotypical profile of a security guard. Wolf Creek Security Agency Guards and Agents are the individuals you would be proud to have on your team. Wolf Creek Security Agency believes in having a Security Guard presence where ever needed in order to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. A strong security guard presence is a great deterrent factor for preventing crime from happening. If a criminal act does occur you will have the trained professional on site to observe, report, or prevent whenever possible the criminal activity from continuing. A professionally trained security guard from Wolf Creek Security Agency can make the difference.